All of our crops are treated with a pesticide-free agent that repels pests in a natural way. We take a very hands-on approach to all of our crops, so you and your family can eat without concern.

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All of our products are shipped directly to your home in eco-friendly boxes that you can recycle with us. If you find bruising, just let us know. We’ll replace it for free. 

Our process has been passed down from generation to generation and we continue to take pride in how we get our land and crops ready for you and your family. 

Hello friends my name is Brad May. I am the owner of BDM Promotions. I have sold security systems from door to door. I was a mortgage loan officer, worked retail for a home improvement store, worked for a hotel, I was a contractor. In looking back all of these jobs involved helping people. I think I have always known I liked helping people. I just didn't realize how much I enjoy helping others.  In the times and economy, we live in, what better way to help, than to save people money and time on things they want and need. We launched BDM Promotions in January of 2009 with the purpose of promoting the earth through green products and services.  I am a very thrifty person and am always looking for ways to reduce waste by repurposing things. Repurposing saves money and helps save our earth. Repurposing requires a little vision to see what something could be as to what it is or was.  I am a husband and a father and understand the importance saving money.  It is my desire to provide you with products that will help you to save money time and last but not least our beautiful earth. I love my family and friends and would have no problem selling any of the products offered on our site to them. The products and services we promote have been researched by our team and are on our site because we have found them to offer quality and value to our friends. Please explore our website discover the exciting products and services we have to offer.  Please contact me with any questions.  You may leave your contact information on our contact page and enroll for our free newsletter if you like. We will never share or sell your information. 

A New Generation of Farming

Our Products:

We only reap the freshest produce for you and your family. By hand-picking all of our produce, you are ensured fresh, and ripe, foods.